Our Story

Steve and Suzy Taggart share a passion for timeless design, simple living, and good times. As a talented craftsman and an experienced retailer, the Taggarts are excited to combine their strengths to design and develop products for the modern home – something they’ve dreamed about doing since their early days as shop owners.

For nearly a decade, Suzy owned and operated Tagg 2, a gift and housewares shop located in downtown Northfield, MN. The shop carried Steve’s cutting boards, which quickly became a go-to gift for many locals. As they were growing their family, parenthood and the retail schedule proved to be difficult to balance. Suzy closed the doors to Tagg 2 in 2019. Fast forward to today – Steve and Suzy are excited to be using their retail insight and love for design to create products that they hope will earn their places in homes and on the shelves of retail stores everywhere.